Database Analysis & Development Services

Solmeyvn offers custom database development solutions to streamline and systematize the business processes. Our database development services will enable your business to centralize data on or off the web. Database being an integral part of any application.

Our database development team will help you in designing systems to manage, store and retrieve information the way you require and implementing custom databases that are robust, efficient and secure.

With cross-industry expertise, our database application specialist will closely work with you to build a business solution that meets your business requirements.

Our database developers have profound expertise and extensive hands-on experience in developing sophisticated database solutions that are fast, scalable and efficient.

We have successfully incorporated the database brands such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL, IBM DB2, Sybase, Microsoft Access and Relational Database Management Systems to develop successful database systems.

Our expertise lies in
  • Database Design
  • Database Development and Programming
  • Custom Database Development
  • Oracle Database Development
  • Access Database Programming
  • MS SQL Server Database Administration
  • Simplified Database Design
  • Database Integration and Conversion
  • Database Management and Administration
  • Database Maintenance and Support

Our experienced database experts will help you to select the right database technology to develop a database driven website or a full featured large-scale customer relationship management system that incorporates complex technologies and structure.

Our in-depth database development expertise will benefit your business from increased accessibility, improved security, automated backups, greater market reach and maximize return on investment.

Effective Database Management by Solmeyvn

The fast growing digital environment demands quick information, storage and retrieval. Our database experts will help you to analyze your business processes and provide 40 to 50 percent cost saving. Our processes include:

Data Publishing :- This process helps to create highly customized records faster using computer databases and templates.

Data Enhancement :- This service enables to identify the valuable information that can be used to enhance business centric operations. This process segments the internal data using complex statistical methodologies to make the data more useful. The enhanced data is then updated in the database.

Data Cleansing :- This process combines the information from various other databases, refines it and updates the database records for quick and efficient database performance.

Database Development Approach
  • Requirement Analysis We work closely with our clients to understand their nature of work and use varied techniques to build a scalable database application as per the client's business requirements.
  • Design & Functional Specs After careful analysis of user's requirement, a detailed design, architecture and technical specifications such as server and environment requirement is derived and then the prototypes begins.
  • Implementation Our designers & developers create a data source program as per functional specifications where-in the client's are able to test the prototypes during the growth process in-order to provide reviews at every key level.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance Our testing and quality assurance team performs scrupulous tests to eliminate the risk of failure and after that our database application goes to our client's in beta form for their acceptance.
  • Deployments We closely work with our client's and determine the most appropriate method of deployment which may include a package deployment of a full business change program.
  • Support and Maintenance.