Patient Appointment Software

Your appointment system can be paper based but it is more common to use a computerised system Assistance with the choice of system can be sought from your professional hospital & clinic (see links) Ensure you and your staff receive comprehensive training so that all the system's features and functions can be fully utilised Computerised appointment systems can be viewed by the practitioner throughout the day to help monitor waiting times and patient priorities It can also help manage no-shows and cancellations.

Inform new patients about your appointment policy and procedures. They need to know what your expectations are regarding cancellation of appointments, whether they will be notified if there are delays, and what 'reasonable access' actually means. This information can be presented as part of the information included in the form of a practice brochure and could include:

  • Patient scheduling programs exist to make the appointment process simpler and easier
  • Appointment Directory
  • Appointment Status
  • Recurring Appointments

Product Detail