ERP Retail Software

Retail is a fast-paced industry and heavily influenced by customer demands that fluctuate and change within very short time frames. It is also the industry that witnesses cut-throat competition and requires capable systems and processes to achieve short-term success and attain long term business goals.

Solmeyvn Software designs retail software solutions that bring numerous benefits to retailers while improving their overall performance and profit. These are great tools for simplifying your day-to-day transactions and to keep your retail business operations streamlined.

Wholesale & Distribution

One of the best retail ERP solutions, if not the best, Solmeyvn Software all aspects of your business from planning to procurement, inventory management to order entry and finally selling through different channels like wholesale, distribution, franchisees, retail, etc. with its modules especially built for the same.

Retail & POS

No matter how big your retail network is or how wide it grows, Solmeyvn Software it all - policies, promotions, discounts, coupons, customer loyalty and more.


Integrating online web-store-like Magento with its retail management system,Solmeyvn Software practically everything of your online business/web-stores like no one else.


Solmeyvn Software POS is a complete restaurant 'order to billing' management system that is flexible enough to support table, counter, kiosk, and captain ordering system.

Product Detail