OPD (Out Patient Department)

The digital world of automation and helped us with data, keeping safely, making business reports, financial reports and recording various details in a very short time. At Sara Technologies we strive to bring technology to the doors of health industry through our customized series of various dominant modules of Hospital Management software that comes handy in recording registration of patients, their history, staff records, and billing reports list. This is a boon of cutting-edge advanced technology, then why you will seek help from traditional methods of collecting records? We bring to you an amazing tool in your hands with our Outpatient Management Software (OPD) for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Healthcare Centres. Sara technologies has provided you a great solution with its OPD management software. You can easily record outpatient's registrations, billing details and history of patients. It enables you to access huge data only in a few clicks.

  • Admin
  • Doctor's Appointments
  • Insurance
  • Billing
  • Patient Registration
  • Reports

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