Real Estate Management Software

SOLMEYVN Builder Real Estate Management Software is specifically for Indian Real Estate Developers. It weaves a string facilitating management of various processes related to Leads, Quotes, Sales, Customer Accounts, Documents, Brokers, and Staff. It is an intelligent emotive tool which enables Developers/Builders and their staff to get access to key Sales/Revenue/Customer information, important for decision making on daily basis.

SOL Builder real estate software offers real time auditing of Unit Inventory Status and the much hectic Cash Flow & Revenue. Inventory status can be categorized under various categories like Sold, Booked, Blocked and Overdue.

SOLMEYVN Builder enables you to access complete information about each unit of the scheme in a single click with comprehensive flexibility. Design custom documents e.g. sales deed, agreement to sell in this Real estate CRM as per your need.

Real Estate CRM - Modules

    Lead & Quote Management
  • Manage, Track, Quote, Convert
    Sales Management
  • Units, Revenue, Cash Flow

    Customer Management
  • Bookings, Accounts, Bonding
    Broker Management
  • Design Plans, Pay outs, Reward

    Sales Staff Management
  • Incentives, Performance, Pay outs
    Reports & Trends
  • Inventory, Receipts, Outstanding

Product Detail

Manage, Track, Quote, Convert

Lead & Quote Management

This module enables builders to capitalize on every Inquiry generated. They can manage complete Inquiry life cycle from lead to conversion. It offers them features to map customer requirements, track follow up communications, set follow up reminders, interact with prospective customers, generate quotes and cost sheets, handle conversions, analyze trends and generate over 15 different types of reports.

  • Record Inquires from Customers and Brokers
  • Record and Track Follow up Communication
  • Map Customers Requirements
  • Generate Quote/Cost Sheet
  • Track Historical Quotes
  • Prioritize Inquiries
  • Define custom Status and Responses
  • Inquiry Follow up Reminders
  • Send SMS / Email to Prospective Customers
  • Convert Inquiries
  • Analyze Trends and Statistics
  • Track Performers
  • Staff Performance
  • Broker Performance
  • Media Performance
  • Import / Export Inquiries from Excel
  • Over 15 different Inquiry MIS Reports

Units, Revenue, Cash Flow

Sales Management

SOLMEYVN Builder CRM offers real time tracking of Unit Inventory Status and Revenue. Developers can classify their inventory under various heads like Sold, Booked, Overdue, and Blocked. It enables real estate developers to project future cash flow based on completion of construction stages.

  • Manage and Track Inventory Status
  • Real Time tracking of Revenue
  • Tracking of Projected Cash in Flow
  • Classification of Units based on Status
  • Track Historical Quotes
  • Track Possessions

Bookings, Accounts, Bonding

Customer Management

SOLMEYVN Builder CRM offers an extensive Unit Booking process. For faster bookings - Unit Base Rate, PLC and other Charges is auto computed. Builders can offer discounts, manage taxations and bank loans, design payment schedule. Software automatically computes Brokerage and Rewards.

Post sales, builders can manage every aspect of Customer Accounts which includes:
  • Manage and Track Payments for each customer
  • Basic, Other Charges, Service Tax, TDS
  • Generate Demand Letters
  • Track Payment history
  • Receipt Generation, Track Bounce Payments, Re-issue, Credit
  • Auto Computation of Interest on delay payments
  • Manage and Track Other Charges
  • Manage, Upload and Track Documents
  • Manage Transfer process
  • Unit and Customer
  • Manage Cancellation Process
  • Manage Refunds and Deductions
  • Manage Government Taxes
  • Service Tax, TDS, Stamp Duty, Registration, VAT
  • Review Account Summary

Customers can also login to SOLMEYVN Builder CRM and get personal access to their White Board, booking details, payment schedule, payment history, upcoming payments and download documents.

Design, Generate, Store

Document Management

Document Module enables builders to design, generate and store documents. It includes features like:

  • Design Document Reference No. format
  • Define Document Generation Sequence
  • Design Custom Document Template e.g. Booking Form, Sales Deed etc
  • Generate Documents for Multiple Units in single click
  • Scan, Upload and Store Documents
  • Download and Print Documents
  • Document archive available in respective Unit Accounts